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Here at Native Advertising ( Established in 2014 ) we create special content about property news, realestate offers, campaigns for new developments, property services, trades or home improvement businesses.

We create unique relevant content that start conversations among consumers to stimulate interest and initiate searches that lead to sales and brand awareness.

At we offer a low cost, highly effective marketing extension for your realestate agency, new project, trade or service business - 24/7.

Let us help you to gain or retain customers using video, text, sponsored posts, social media posts, infographics, advertorials and relevant images.

Each day we are involved in publishing at least 50 articles across our suite of websites in Australia and overseas.

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Native Advertising is more effective than banner advertising

Affiliate marketing businesses makes a lot of money from serving banner ads, on behalf of business people, next to high quality content on many of the World's 1.5 billion websites. How effective is that advertising?

Many business people who use banner advertising to promote their business, get a little sad to see that the click through rate is almost always less than 1%. That means, for every 100 impressions of a banner ad, just one person clicks. Is that effective marketing? It is a fact that people have become immune to banner ads. How often when reading an article, do you scroll or look past a banner? They are a sort of speed bump to be overcome while looking for text information. The text is the goal and the banner ads are the obstacle.

Google ads are great. One key and irreplaceable aspect of Google Ads is that for a fee, or rather the promise to pay a fee, Google will place a business' ad or search words at the top of results in Google searches.

Another effective way for many business operators to market their products or services to place links and keywords or even brand names within text on websites. Not just on their own website but on a wide range of high quality websites that offer guest posting for advertorials or sponsored posts.

Instead of having people bypass banner ads, those that use text marketing benefit from people actually looking for information that includes links to websites that provide extra information on the topic that they are interested in.

An example would be a person who needs make up that will not wash off in the surf. The Google search might be "waterproof makeup" and Google will serve up unique relevant content relating to products that are water proof. At that point in the marketing, the reader wants information and will look at the results and make a choice of what article to read first.

If that article has a hyper link on text "best waterproof make up" with a link to "Acme waterproof makeup", then the reader might well visit the Acme website in search of make up. That is what "Native Advertising" is. Ads within relevant content.

At, we know a lot about marketing within text or within messages on articles, in videos or infographics.

All of our writers attended university in Australia.

We offer advice on how to get started or how to improve results from online marketing.

We can source websites to host content, create content or publish content quickly on over 20 of our own high traffic and high domain authority news, travel and magazine style websites.

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Native advertising is a type of advertising that functions like an advertorial as a video, article or editorial. The word "native" refers to this coherence of the content with the other media that appear on the website.

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