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Native Advertising is targeted online business marketing

One of the good things about using content to market a product or service is that the message can be created to reach a specific market

Display or banner ads use a shotgun approach. Thousands of impressions are purchased and the banner ads appear on all pages of a specific website, usually within a broad range of categories. The "click through rate" of banner ads is very low, often under one percent and of that one percent, a small percentage viewers actually call or buy.

Native advertising can be aimed at a very specific market in terms of the interests or the audience, the location of the audience and the audience's need for a product or service.

An example would be a ferry operator on the Amazon River. That business needs to get the attention of people in Brazil, people in a specific region in Brazil and people who in all probability will want to get from one side of the river to the other. Using native advertising, content would be written using all the keywords that somebody heading for Brazil would search for on Google. The next step would be to include a paragraph or two about the attractions of the towns on either side of the river. After that would come a few paragraphs about the ferry service, how good it is, how cheap it is and that, in all probability it will leave on time and get to the other side.

Once the ferry article is in place on a website that Google "likes" it will remain online and be presented by Google search to people searching using the keywords contained in that article.

Not all websites are "liked" by Google so it is vital to place any highly targeted article about a business like the Amazon Ferry Service, on a web page that has the potential to receive high traffic.

High traffic does not of itself guarantee that a particular website can deliver viewers to the ferry article. The high traffic might just be to one or two pages or topics leaving the ferry story ignored for the most part.

Native advertising works if the content is accurate, useful and on the right website. To get those aspects right,you will require the services of a native advertising specialist.
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Native Advertising

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Native advertising is a type of advertising that functions like an advertorial as a video, article or editorial. The word "native" refers to this coherence of the content with the other media that appear on the website.

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